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Why are cockroaches a problem?

Cockroaches can spread disease by infecting our food and coming into contact with worktops and kitchen utensils. They eat our food but spoil much more with their droppings, cast skins and dead bodies. They breed and spread quickly. How will I recognise a cockroach? The German cockroach grows up to 15mm. It is light golden brown in colour. It has two stripes on the back of its head and long antennae. 48 The oriental cockroach is larger, up to 25mm long, and dark brown in colour. Cockroaches: How...

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5 simple tips to keep mice from coming into your home

1. Seal off the exterior of your home. This could be around any vent, pipe, window or door maintain your house. Do not let these rodents access your home. 2. Seal up your food keep your home from looking inviting keep food sealed tight. 3. Seal up your trash maintain your trash containers cups inside and your home out as frequently as possible. 4. Set up traps. Have traps ready to deter mice from staying in your home. 5. Invest in a cat adopting a kitten may help you keep the mice...

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