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Why are cockroaches a problem?

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Cockroaches can spread disease by infecting our food and coming into contact with worktops and kitchen utensils.

They eat our food but spoil much more with their droppings, cast skins and dead bodies. They breed and spread quickly.

How will I recognise a cockroach?
The German cockroach grows up to 15mm. It is light golden brown in colour. It has two stripes on the back of its head and long antennae.
The oriental cockroach is larger, up to 25mm long, and dark brown in colour.

Cockroaches: How can Pest Killer’s UK pest control help me?
We will visit your property to find out the size of the problem. We will treat the area, usually by leaving a bait, which the cockroaches like.

When we treat your property, we will explain what we have done and tell you what you can do to control the problem in the future.

How do I keep cockroaches out of my property?
Block their entrances
Replace missing tiles in the kitchen and bathroom.
Make sure tiling is grouted properly.
Seal gaps around door and window frames, skirting boards, worktops and electrical sockets with a sealant (mastic).
Replace broken electrical sockets.
Keep it clean
Clear up after every meal and don’t leave food out, especially at night.
Keep waste in a bin with a lid.
Clean kitchen floors and clean behind and under the fridge and cooker.
Clean and remove pet food bowls after feeding.
Wipe work surfaces with disinfectant before preparing food.
Remove dead cockroaches when you find them – this will keep areas clean and help our officers to tell where cockroaches may still be active as new evidence will be visible.
Good housekeeping

Use jars or sealed containers for packaged or loose food.
Cover freshly cooked food until it is ready to be stored.

Cockroaches: Facts
German cockroaches:
prefer warm, humid conditions
climb even smooth surfaces easily
have young (or nymphs) which look very similar to the adults as they grow
lay egg cases which contain up to 30 eggs
grow by moulting their skins, which takes five months or more
live for up to six months.

Cockroaches are found in cooler, less humid areas like basements and drains
can climb rough, but not smooth surfaces
similar to adults as they grow
lay egg cases that contain up to 16 eggs
grow by moulting but this takes from six to 12 months
once adults, they live for up to nine months, sometimes more.

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Posted on April 10, 2018

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