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Moths or Beetles can cause huge amount of damage to your stored products especially food based products.

Any stock damage can be the first sign of Moths presence inside the premises. They usually lay their eggs within the food product for their newborn larvae to feed upon once hatched.

Pest Killer’s UK Pest Control experts on initial inspections looks for spots of insect activity within the given area to understand the estimate size of infestation,  our pest control identify the type of insect, study their breeding cycles and feeding habits, this will help us to formulate the best action plan to get rid of the infestation.

The types of insects most commonly found are:


Larder beetles, grain weevils, saw tooth grain beetle, flour beetle, biscuit beetle, yellow meal worm beetle and spider beetles.


Mill moth, Indian meal moth and the tropical warehouse moth are the most common type moths. There are many more insect’s which infest stored products but those mentioned tend to show up more regularly and appear more wide spread.

They can be treated with different forms of insecticide and lure traps. Contact us for a free inspection and provide you with different cost effective solutions to help solve these costly infestations from getting worse and its recurrence in near future.