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Fleas are flat bodied, reddish brown in color and 2mm long insect which usually harps on host’s hair namely dogs and cats. They are quite irritating once infest the host and may result in creating intermediary home for tapeworms in the host’s digestive system. Though cats and dogs are more prone to flea infestation, they sometime don’t even spare humans. Fleas when infest humans may cause huge amount of distress not due to their bites only but also due to the spikes on their legs that gives stinging sensation.


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Controlling fleas has to be thorough with pets, bedding, carpets, and use of contact insecticide might be required.

Note: The treatments of the pets are the owner’s responsibility.

It is advisable to give Pest Killer’s Pest Control a call as soon as you notice any fleas around your home, so our Pest Control can tailor a problem specific solution to help you get rid of fleas and stop them from breeding any further.